Covid 19 Update, 1st June 2020

In response to the government’s and our governing bodies advice , all initial appointments for new or existing customers must be done by telephone and/ or a video link.
This will allow you to get immediate advice and tips on how to best manage your physiotherapy issue.

Although this is a new way of working, patients are finding it extremely reassuring to speak to a physiotherapist and get the advice they need.

In a limited number of cases, patients may meet the criteria for being seen face to face. If this is the case, then all appropriate infection control measures are in place to protect you and your physio.

Please call on 0115 9282639 or 07970 292221 to book an initial appointment.

You may also use the contact form on this website


Physiotherapy in Wollaton with Sally Cooper. Physio Direct Wollaton

Physio can reduce pain from muscles joints and nerves,   It improves arthritis pain, back pain, sciatica and  sports injury problems.

We aim to get your body back to the best in can be, to improve your activity levels and sports performance. We want physiotherapy to get you better and stay better.